Thank you to our Planning Committee:

  Tyler Cluverius Northwest Environmental Business Council
  Sean Hanrahan PBS Engineering and Environmental, Inc.
  Brian Harmston Clear Creek Systems, Inc.
  Derek Heitz Clear Creek Systems, Inc.
  Deonne Knill Kennedy/Jenks Consultants
  David Light The Water Report
  Tim Logan Landau Associates, Inc.
  Kim Marcus ERM
  Marcia Medina GHD
  Lance Moen PBS Engineering and Environmental, Inc.
  TJ Mothersbaugh WaterTectonics, Inc.
  Michael Pronold City of Portland, Bureau of Environmental Svcs
  Mark Riedel-Bash Oregon Department of Environmental Quality
  Brendan Robinson ERM
  Lael Rogan SAPA Group
  Sheila Sahu Kennedy/Jenks Consultants
  Jeanette Schuster Tonkon Torp LLP
  Kendra Skellenger Anchor QEA
  Kristine Sommer Clear Water Services